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Trails and trekking

          Trails 1 (7km)

Kobonilla- Loolwatte-Corbet’s gap
Enjoy the panoramic view, unique rock formations and different vegetation types from the Corbet’s gap-sphinx rock, Kalupanaha, Lakegala to the North-east and Dumbara valley to the east are breathtaking.
Accessibility: walking, biking or motor car.

          Trail 2 (7km)

Kobonilla-Deenston-Mini World’s End
Enjoy the panoramic view from the Mini World’s End (400m msl) located opposite Deenston forest office. This area is within the Knuckles convervation forest. Ticket required for the 1 km trek.
Accessibility: Walking Biking, Motorcar - 5km, and Trekking 2km.

          Trail 3 (6 hour trek)

Kobonilla-Loolwatte up to Dehigolla (by motor vehicle)

Gerandiella – Koiyakadwa – Moonamalpelassa- Gerandigala-Narantalawa- Udawela (temple)-Kandegama (stream bath)-
Wadawalakanda (picked up by motor vehicle) – Kobonilla

Experience the changing landscape and weather during this trail which takes you through number of tea, paddy, spice and kandyan home gardens. (watch paddy harvesting by end of March-April). Enjoy a stream bath and visit ancient rock temple enroute. Some of these ares are located within the Knuckles conservation forest

          Trail 4 (Full day trek)

Kobonilla- Loolwatta- Corbet’s gap- Hettiya Wanguwa
(13Km) by motor vehicle.
Trek from Hettiyawanguwa to Kumbukgolla (4Km) Na-ela (3Km) – Nitre cave (1Km steep climb)

An adventurous as mountain trek, panoramic views of rocky hills, traditional villages,
dense semi evergreen forest, rock formations, wild flowers, bird life, butterflies and a 10 meter high 15 meter wide cave where potassium nitrate was excavated to be used as gunpowder during the colonial times. Partake the packed lunched after a stream bath at Na-ela and return the evening. Enteance tickets have to be obtained from the Kumbukgolla Forest Office.

          Trail 5 (full day trail)

Thangappuwa via Corbet’s gap (11km) by 4 X 4 wheel drive.

Trek from Thangappuwa to Alugallena (8km/5hours). This is an adventures mountain trek with panoramic views of misty hills, montane pigmy forests, streams, wild flowers, birds and butterflies. Alugallena rock and cave is located beneath a large rock which is about 100 m high. During this trail a breathtaking view of the Knuckles range can be experienced along with Huluganga water falls.

          Trail 6 (full day trek to Meemure)

Kobonilla-Loolwatte-Corbet’s gap-Karamba Ketiya (15km) by motor vehicle. Trek to Meemure village via Kaikawela 6km).

The Meemure traditional Sinhalese village is located in the valley between the mountains of Kalupahana and Kehelpathdoruwa at the foot of Lakegala – the matterhorn of Sri Lanka. General Village landscaped consists of home gardens with multi layered vegetation, farm houses, terraced rice fields, chena cultivation and irrigation canals. A 4 X 4 vehicle can take you upto Meemure Village from Kobonilla.

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