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Sri Lankan Grey Hornbill
Ocyceros Gingalensis

Endemic. Locally common species widely distributed throughout lowlands and lower hills. Frequently found in disturbed forests and at forest fringes ( especially in wet zone), and adjoining well-wooded gardens. Howerver, it is scarce in the core of the wetzone evergreen forests. Usually foun in pairs or small flocks, although large gatherings may be seenon fruiting trees. It utters a goat-like call Kaaa; thesong is a rapid, rising , nasal, far-carrying Kak-Kak-Kak-Kak. Usually found in pairs, female is distinguished by upper mandible having a yellowish patcch against otherwise dark bill. Male in contrast has yellow bill with a dark patch intruding at the base. Both sexes lack a casque. Overall, is uniform grey, paler on under-parts with chestnut on vent.
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