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Spot-winged Thrush
Zoothera spiloptera

(Vulnerable). Endemic. Mainly a ground-dwelling species, fairly common in forests and adjoining plantations, and gardens in the lowlands, to the hills of wet zone. Scarce and locally disributed in riverine forests in dry zone. The melodious whistling song of this shy thrush is often heard without the bird being seen. It may be possible to locate this species feeding on forest trails in the mornings and evenings. Its calls are tuncful, human-sounding whistles, commonly concluded wth a rapid, rising three or four note whew-whew... Kitulgala and Sinharaja are good sites for this species. Other sites where one may look for it includc Bodhinagala, Gilimale, Surrey Estatc, Tangamalai Sanctuary, the upper forest section of Hakgala Botanical Gardens and Horton Plains

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