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Legges's Flowerpecker
Dicaeum vincens

(Endangered). Endemic. A rather uncommon species in forests and adjoining gardens, around foothills and in the lower hills in wet zone. Lives in pairs and generally found high up on tall trees. The call is a sharp, rapid kee-kee-kee-kee pitched much higher than that of Ple-Billed Flowerpecker (Dicacum erythrorhynchos). Locating a male uttering its high-pitched song from a vantage point of a tall tree usually provides good views. The song is an ascending keek-keek ending with tit- tit- tit- tiri. Sometimes found in bird waves. Bodhinagala, Kitulgala(e.g. Rest House garden), Gilimale, Morapitiya and Sihharaja are good places to see this species.

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