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The Knuckles National Heritage Wilderness Area is a 155 square KM region of spectacular peaks and one of the last remaining sizeable portions of wet zone forests in Sri Lanka. Boasting the most rugged and breathtaking mountain scenery in the Island it is located in the Dumbara Hills between the Kandy and Matale Districts of the central province. These hills are so named because of the constant "Smoky" (Dumbara) mist that engulfs their tops.
A continuous forested area is divided into two sections, a conservation area above 1050 m (3500 ft) and a forest reserve below.

Its boundaries encompass all five climatic types found in the island.
This region was so named because the string of peaks including eight higher than 1500 m resembles the knuckles of a closed fist. A striking feature of the knuckles region is its scenic beauty.

Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains and explore caves, rivers, and different types of fauna and flora.

The knuckles range is a protected area under the direction of the Forestry department.

“ I never saw before so perfect a specimen of forest scenery. The trees were of different kinds ,sizes and ages .Some saplings , some dead , decaying and others very great bulk and height towering above the rest in there prime”

       - Dr John Darvy – Surgeon to British Governor, Sir Robert Brownrig. (1817-1819)

 Location of Knuckles and Access Road Map.
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